1 year ago

Author: Talent Cracker Team
Date: 9th September 2018

When actively looking for a job or even just keeping your options open, it is important to put your best foot forward and showcase your skills in order to express the value of your skill set. 
Here are 5 SUPER EASY ways to do that!

1- Use the industry terms and keywords that describe your skill set

Do not leave room for assumption! The more keywords you have throughout, the more qualified for the job you will appear.  If you have a specific skill that is needed to do the job, make sure to include it.

2- Showcase your relevant list of skills

It is important to highlight the skills that are most relevant to a given position. In your resume, list your skills towards the beginning of the resume, even before your “experience” section. 

3-Know the difference between hard and soft skills 

Your future employer will care about both hard and soft skills equally, they will also care about your knowledge of the difference between both. Hard skills are the teachable skills you have to do the job successfully. Soft skills are those that can’t be necessarily taught but are defined as your natural abilities and personal traits.

4- Remove unnecessary information 

It is important to know what not to say in your resume and social media profiles. Keeping the unnecessary information there will make your resume look cluttered and less desirable to read. Simply trim your resume! If the information isn’t important to get the job or do the job, leave it out.

5- Make your profile or resume easy to read

Remember, once you actually get your information in front of a real person, you want to keep their attention till the end. The most effective way to convey important information and help accomplishments stand out is to write short concise sentences. 

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