Building your career in Artificial Intelligence 

1 year ago

Artificial intelligence made it to headlines recently when people started reporting that Alexa of Amazon was laughing unexpectedly! Those news led to the usual jokes we’re quite familiar with about computers taking over the world, but there’s nothing funny about considering Ai as a career field. Just the fact that five out of six American sue AI services in one form or another everyday proves that AI is definitely a viable career option

If you’re new to the field, you might be wondering what Artificial intelligence is. It’s simply how intelligent machines are  made! A magical software that learns the same way humans learn, mimicking human learning so it can take over some of our jobs to do it better and faster, while we get a better chance to do other jobs that need human interference. 

With machine learning, algorithms use a set of training data to enable computers to learn to do something they are not programmed to do. Machine learning provides us with technology to augment our human capabilities.


AI is rapidly evolving, which is one reason why a career in AI offers so much potential. As technology evolves, the learning improves. Here are the three stages of AI

Stage one: Machine learning. 

This stage mainly consists of intelligent system using algorithms to learn from experience.

Stage two: Machine intelligence.

Which is where our current technology resides now. In this stage, machines learn from experience based on false algorithms. It’s the most evolved form of machine learning but with improved cognitive abilities.

Stage three: Machine consciousness.

This is when the system can do self-learning from experience without any external data. Siri of Apple is a live example.



There are many industries that now depend on AI. The self-driving cars, airport smart gates, train scheduling and even limo services, like Uber!

It goes without saying, sooner than we expect, more and more industries will be using AI and machine learning, driving tremendous growth in the job market. 



If you’re intrigued by this career field and wondering how to get started, all it takes is good mathematics and computing skills and a brain hungry for knowledge!

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